A different world

Everybody wants to make a good impact in life or nevertheless an impact. A lot of people deal with mortality differently but our character sees their life lived as synonymous to death. If they face their mortality, they are more concern of what they leave behind, like would people think they had a complete life? … More A different world

I obsess

I wrote this piece as a result of a me being a little reflective. I haven’t don’t that in a while, and as much as it was scary, it was adventurous and too honest. The reason why we need some things is because we can’t have them. I realized of late that I started needing … More I obsess


First off, I’m sorry I have been away for awhile now. My day job became too stressful and I became a lil procrastinator, but I said NO today. I had to post one of the poems I have been writing since I have been away. So here goes; This is one of my ‘need no … More Millennials


We can all agree, that this world is going to sh*t. Pardon my English but that’s exactly how I feel. I try to not attach myself to my work but that’s all I can do right now with the truth. I wrote this poem because of how sad I feel about my country (Nigeria) and … More Banjax


Recently I keep thinking about how life seems to have the need to blend or rather we always feeling the need to blend with the Sight of nothing different, we blend so much we create a different blend every time. Verse one explains a battle drawn, with the unmasked and masked, seeing every smile with … More COMMIX