A different world

A different world

Everybody wants to make a good impact in life or nevertheless an impact. A lot of people deal with mortality differently but our character sees their life lived as synonymous to death. If they face their mortality, they are more concern of what they leave behind, like would people think they had a complete life? A happy life? Or would sorrow be found in their wake and that’s not literally. Like their life would be shown as not the flawless life lived but the facade it truly is.

The character yawns for relief, for a smile that changes all, hopefully before death.

Would their heart know peace after death? knowing if people walk in their footprints would joy be found?

The character explains in the last stanza, how ‘Looks’ isn’t a way to judge people because if it’s done to the character, the pain they’d find would be more than enough.

This character understands pain but struggles with joy. They understands that everyone is in a different world existing in one.

All I can hope and wish anyone is to be happy and truly enjoy life because in death you can’t experience other people feelings about you. While you worry, try and change cause like I always say in my poem essays, only you can truly make you happy in life and in death. Live a good life, and be true to yourself, find your peace now and not just in death.

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