I obsess

I wrote this piece as a result of a me being a little reflective. I haven’t don’t that in a while, and as much as it was scary, it was adventurous and too honest.

The reason why we need some things is because we can’t have them. I realized of late that I started needing a lot more and asking myself why haven’t got them yet. Not basic things but rather intangible things, as if they were looking directly at me and saying NO! So I want them even more!

Our desires are like black holes. Deep and no end in sight or rather ends when we stop existing.

I realized We all want so many things. Things we feel we have a right to simply by being alive. As the Biblical saying goes “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” I think I sometimes take that literally. Like a Life was promised to me other than the one I have and that my tomorrow is filled with heroics and anything less then, makes me feel like that day has less or no meaning at all.

Well, guess what?

It is your life.


Only yours.

Others might act life they have a reason to control it or direct it to a certain conclusion but in as much as we accommodate different people in our lives, that life still remains ours. At the end of the day it can be an unnecessary or necessary scar, so you choose. People say everything happens so we can learn but I say some avoidable things happen so we can have reasons or excuses to be shitty people. 8 times out 10, it is scaring us negatively than it is making us good people. Yes it might be shaping you but is it for the best or the worst. They are a lot of pain out there being distributed, so pick your pain distributor well.

A hopeful soul is a happy soul.

I think hope is what keeps all that pain from tearing through our hearts. Hope is the enemy of depression. As far you have hope, you’ll wake up tomorrow smiling.

Hope is everything.

Thank you.


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