First off, I’m sorry I have been away for awhile now. My day job became too stressful and I became a lil procrastinator, but I said NO today. I had to post one of the poems I have been writing since I have been away.

So here goes;

This is one of my ‘need no much explanations’ poems.

As sad as it is, the world is sick. Sick with war, diseases, hunger, corruption and grief. It has suffered in the hands of our fathers and now us. The only stand to take here, is the Healing Stand. We all have to play our part and take up the responsibility of healing this world and like it or not, it starts with us, the Youth. We need to see past our father’s mistakes and greed and take no part in it if this world is to survive us.

Put in happiness back in the world, take a different path, a healing path for a better world for our future.

P.s Thanks for all those who followed my blog while I was away, Sending Love your way.


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