Banjax: Ruins, incapacitate, or break.

We can all agree, that this world is going to sh*t. Pardon my English but that’s exactly how I feel. I try to not attach myself to my work but that’s all I can do right now with the truth. I wrote this poem because of how sad I feel about my country (Nigeria) and the world. Right now, things are not getting better, rather getting worse. As life isn’t getting better but is threatened daily with no hope of peace, and security. I Wake up most mornings and I feel very sad, going to the market to buy unaffordable groceries. I am heartbroken that even after enduring all of this in your life which is the most precious thing you have, that life isn’t guaranteed or will not be guaranteed and you have to go along with it like the country isn’t rotten. How you can’t afford food, or a good life no matter how hard-working you are. I am heart wrenched that even after you can’t afford certain lifestyles, air-travel to go see family is one thing the poor can’t afford. Then choices, stay home or use road transportation knowing it’s not safe but you’ve got to try and hope you won’t be next, then it’s either bandits or kidnappers. How serving your country doesn’t do anything good for you, Mostly getting you killed, how going to work to make your life better doesn’t always get you paid at the end of the month rather dead on your way back home. It is painful how little life means anymore. I wrote this Poem because I am really sad but more importantly I wrote this poem to give everyone out there hope because I needed some, knowing how unsafe it is. I needed it and I want everyone out there to find and love all the things that makes you happy today and hold onto them because as sad as it might sound right now, it’s really all we can actually have. Put a little good into the world while you’re out there, take risk and leave that awful job and pursue your dreams because it can’t get worse than this. Also, travel the world if you can afford it, fall in love, have good sex, No! Have great sex and be happy because today is what we have and tomorrow isn’t promised so grab unto today and be happy.

Verse one, explains how Life is said to be attained with an unabated hope with unbroken orison holding unto “dogma“ that is, the dogmas of faith. Birthing a nation consumed with “need”.

Verse two, carries the topic of the poem and text which explains “Banjax” as ruins, to break, to incapacitate. It also talks about how people would rather be in the ruins so they can afford the “fancies” which explains as the good things of life.

Verse three, went forward to say “there is no happily ever after“ as people are looking to survive a day, just a day. Making a forever happiness a far reach and all of a sudden not much of a topic. Eating, staying alive and affording the little things of life becomes more of a priority because surviving today seems to be the goal. It explains that “new one is ripped” Until life begins anew, One most hold unto faith and all forms of “Gaiety” which means happiness, surviving this life because love has been left unattended in the world which makes Peace so far from reach.

I hope this poem speaks to you as it does to me, it’s a reminder to be happy, a reminder that there are a lot of sh*t happening in the world in which we have no control over, the one thing we have control over is our happiness and you can feel loved from loved ones, sometimes people around us, our work, all keeping us fulfilled and happy.

Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Banjax

  1. It is sad the way things are headed. I live in the US and I am seeing things that I thought could never happen. We lose more and more freedoms everyday. It isn’t as bad as you have it I realize but it is getting worse. Good luck.

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  2. Nice piece 👌. Finding peace and happiness in the midst of ruins and chaos is the goal.
    Just a month ago I got chatting with a friend about happenings around us and she said.. “Gabby, you need a vacation… a solo trip to an African beach..get lost for a few days or weeks and have great sex with strangers.” 😆 That cracked me up.. Reading same from you again just stared up adventurous thoughts in my head. Guess what … her name is Julz as well.

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